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Drone Service

Employing professional drone operators can be inconvenient, time-consuming, and costly. Our distinctive AI-driven drone-as-a-service platform enables companies to perform their operations with greater convenience, speed, and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional drone operators. Our state-of-the-art MRR Hub and Drone OS, powered by advanced AI technology, enable automated inspections, field mapping, and security operations with unprecedented ease and efficiency

Drone OS

Our drone operating system utilizes End-to-End Artificial Intelligence to ensure maximum reliability in autonomous operation. Enhanced by 5G connectivity and customizable with a range of payload options, our system is fully equipped to handle any mission.


The MRR Hub is a user-friendly platform that enables the management of drones running our drone operating system. Users get the ability to remotely create and initiate missions and access real-time flight data visualizations. We have designed the MRR Hub from the ground up to be intuitive and straightforward to use

Autonomous Drones Will Change Future Industries

Precision Farming

Maximize the potential of your farming operation with our autonomous drone technology. Our advanced solutions enable accurate data collection to optimize crop yields, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Automated Inspection

Streamline your inspection processes with our autonomous drone technology. Reduce risk, save time and money, and improve efficiency.


Experience the future of security with our autonomous drone technology. Our advanced solutions enable real-time surveillance and monitoring, increasing safety and efficiency for businesses and organizations of all sizes

Latest News

sia subsidy mrr
40K SIA subsidy

We are very excited to announce that MultiRotorResearch BV has received subsidy for further devolepment of our prototype the MRR zero. The subsidy we received from Nationaal Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek SIA totals 40.000 euro.

MRR wins TU/e Contest

We are proud to announce that we received the first price at the TU/e Contest for having the best prototype. We had to compete against 16 other amazing teams for a period of 4 months, but eventually our drone came out on top.

MRR and Tective Robotics

MultiRotorResearch will be using the Tective Robotics ReFly drone as the devolepment platform for its autonomous drone operating system. The Tective ReFly drone has been chosen for its high payload capacity and stable flight.

Fontys and TU/e

Our team is a dynamic group of young, experienced professionals with diverse skills ranging from UI design to AI development. We work collaboratively to tackle the challenge of creating a truly reliable and easy to use drone.




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