Redefining Autonomous Flight Using End-2-End

At Multi-rotor research, we strive to achieve fully autonomous flight through a diverse set of scenarios using a new innovative approach called End-2-End navigation. Instead of the competition that is separating tasks of autonomous flight into separate hand-coded subsystems. We use one single Artificial Intelligence model which can directly correlate image data to flight controls. As a result, the system is more coherent and flexible in finding solutions in the most complex scenarios.

Our platform can be used in a diverse set of use cases


Use multiple drone's to monitor a perimeter 24/7. By flying at low altitude while avoiding obstacles our drone can capture any intruder in high detail.


Use one drone to perform an automated inspection on a structure or process multiple times a day. This makes for example monitoring a large chemical production plant for leaks easy!


Use multiple drones to deliver payloads to any location within range. For example deliver important medical supplies to a difficult to reach area.

GPS Based navigation

By using the extensive network of GPS satellites our drone is capable to find its destination in even the most remote places.

Fully End-2-End

Our custom build AI models are trained fully End-2-End. This makes them able to better understand the wide navigation task and excel in complex scenarios.

Payload Integration

If you want to secure a parameter using camera's or want to inspect a bridge using 3D lidar's, We at MRR can help you integrate your payload

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver an affordable yet industrial-level solution for companies seeking an automated way to perform tasks like inspections or deliveries in a large-scale environment, where humans are costly or can endanger the success of the whole operation. The system developed at MRR offers fully autonomous navigation between GPS locations while avoiding obstacles on its path without human intervention.

The Drone Market is Changing

Drone's are not only toys. They are currently being used for high stake industrial tasks like inspection's and security. It is predicted that these tasks will only grow.

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Sieuwe Elferink

Let's Talk About Drone's!

Sieuwe Elferink

Let's Talk About Drone's!

+ 31 6 25354456