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Work on cutting edge AI

At MRR we are rethinking how autonomous drones should fly. Instead of using hand written rules, we use a single AI model to predict navigation controls from sensor data. Our custom designed model is trained on human flying behavior making it unique in the world. In the AI team you will help design, create and validate cutting edge AI.

Design new experiences

Our goal is to democratize drones. We want everyone to experience the power of drones, even if they are technologically unsavvy. To do this, we have to design a truly simple to use interface. How can we make the user experience as simple as possible? And how can we enable new use cases? In the design team you will help answer these questions and many more.

Commercialize our product

Having a amazing product starts by listening to the market. Which markets are suitable for drones? What specific use cases can we cover? And how can we monetize our product in a scalable business case? In the business team you will talk to customers, and perform market research to answer these questions.

Create amazing hardware

When working on robotics, software is only part of the solution. Amazing hardware is needed to make it all work. We are modifying existing drone platforms with custom electronics to enable advanced environmental perception and onboard computing. In the hardware team you will use tools like CAD and EDA to design amazing hardware.

Develop web applications

Part of our solution is MRR Hub, which is our completely in house designed and developed management platform. This enables real drone control from a simple browser. MRR Hub runs in AWS and is written in REACT and .NET. In the backend team you can help create new features for MRR Hub or help designing and maintaining our AWS infrastructure.

Become a Pioneer

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