A Unique Approach To Autonomy

Multirotorresearch is pioneering a revolutionary approach to navigation using End-to-End AI. Our unique algorithm allows for a single AI model to handle all aspects of navigation, resulting in greater flexibility and problem-solving capabilities in even the most complex scenarios.

We Believe Humans Do It Better!

We believe in leveraging the expertise and decision-making capabilities of humans to enhance the performance of our navigation system. To accomplish this, we have compiled a vast dataset of over two million data points collected from real and simulated flights of multiple human pilots. This data is collected in a large range of environments, from urban areas to dense forests. By training our in-house AI model on this dataset, we are able to infuse it with human-like intuition and flexibility in navigating complex scenarios, such as urban environments.

Furthermore, we carefully curate our dataset to include only correctly-executed flights, ensuring that our AI model learns only the best aspects of human performance. As a result, our system is able to match or even exceed the capabilities of human pilots. Additionally, the more data we collect, the more our AI model improves. This scalability allows us to continuously refine and optimize our system’s performance.

On the edge processing

Our system is equipped with an onboard Nvidia AI supercomputer, which enables the real-time processing of our AI navigation system. By running this system on the edge, we are able to achieve the lowest latency possible between sensor data and control output, resulting in more reliable navigation.

Human like stereo-vision

Our drone is equipped with stereo vision, a technology that utilizes two cameras to perceive depth in a manner similar to how humans see depth. This allows our drone to accurately assess its surroundings and navigate accordingly.”

5G connected

Our drone is equipped with a 5G connection, enabling the automatic uploading of collected data to the cloud for analysis. 5G also enables real-time monitoring and control of the drone through our online management platform. Our platform allows users to easily initiate missions and view critical flight data in real time.

Customizable with a wide range of payloads


Collect image data using a normal RGB camera


Create 3D scans or depth profiles using Lidar or Photogrammetry.


Get insights into ground components using Multi-Spectral data.


Collect thermal profiles for critical infrastructure inspection

One Drone Operating System

Our drone operating system utilizes End-to-End Artificial Intelligence to ensure maximum reliability in autonomous operation. Enhanced by 5G connectivity and customizable with a range of payload options, our system is fully equipped to handle any mission.

Artificial Intelligence with Human Intuition

Comprehensive Onboard Sensor Stack

5G and Customizable With a Wide Range of Payloads