Powerful And User Friendly

The MRR Hub is a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that

has been carefully designed to provide powerful drone management capabilities.

With the MRR Hub, users can easily monitor their drones and access data in

real-time. The built-in planning page simplifies the creation of GPS-based missions,

and the automated cloud data storage system facilitates the sharing of data

with third-party analytics providers. 

Modern UI

With MRR hub, our focus is on delivering an intuitive and straightforward platform that is accessible to users of all skill levels. We have designed our platform with simplicity in mind, eliminating unnecessary features and functions that may complicate the process for novice users. To create a mission, users simply need to click on the map to create waypoints and adjust altitude and heading as desired.

From there, scheduling a mission is a simple matter of selecting the desired drone

and mission and clicking ‘start.’ Our platform handles the rest, including

automatic mission uploads and safety checks, allowing the drone to fly the

entire mission autonomously. Users can track the progress of their mission in

real-time using the detailed flight page, making it easy to stay informed and

in control. With just a few clicks, users can take advantage of the full

capabilities of MRR Hub and experience the power of autonomous flight.”

Cloud Data Sharing

At MRR, we are dedicated to developing reliable and

user-friendly autonomous drones. To achieve this, we have partnered with

third-party analytics providers to create advanced, automated analytics tools

that can process the large volumes of data that our drones collect for our

users. Our platform offers a convenient app store-like interface, enabling

users to easily select the programs they wish to use in conjunction with their

drone. We place a strong emphasis on user control and privacy, ensuring that

users retain control over their data at all times. When a user grants

permission, MRR Hub automatically shares data with the selected third-party for

the current and any subsequent missions, enabling seamless data analysis and


One Hub For Everything

The MRR Hub is an intuitive platform that allows users to effectively manage drones running our Drone Operating System. With the MRR Hub, users have the ability to create and initiate missions remotely and view real-time flight data visualizations. Additionally, users can utilize the MRR Hub to select and enable third-party analytics tools based on their specific needs and use cases

Easy to Use

Create and start mission from anywhere

Select analysing tools according to you needs